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Have you felt the thrill of the racing bicycle and at every excursion the increase in the kilometers travelled?

Do you think that with a few grams less, you could make your training more efficient?

Are you intrigued by the latest generation racing design and would you like to test it on the road?

These are unmistakable signals that the time has come for the old race bicycle to be put aside. And if you feel ready to touch the heights of incredible performances of a professional means of transportation, Faster is the racing bicycle of Battaglin 2017 collection, designed specifically for your needs.

Whether you want to participate in your first competition or simply pedaling on a more responsive ride, the first step is to choose a frame designed to go fast on a bike. Thanks to a light and stiff monocoque structure in carbon fiber, with Faster you will be able to unleash even more power on the road which, in the cyclists’ language, is translated into greater speed and much more fun.

We want to put you in the conditions to take on with self-confidence the transition to a bike of excellent level, without having to go through a “middle way” which would not completely satisfy your desires. Reliable in driving and durable, Faster is your definite launch into the world of who would never give up the racing bicycle.


We created Faster for the cyclist who wants to improve his/her performance level and to stay right behind your more expert outing’s friends thanks to a quality bicycle, made to stack up thousands of kilometers.

The design of the rear triangle with low seat stays increases the stiffness.

We interpreted on the Faster a characteristic typical of the aero frames without overturning its shape. With each pedal stroke, you will be able to feel the effect of a bike that transfers much more power to the ground.

The conical steering tube has a larger base by the fork crown to increase the stiffness in an area subject to intense stress.It is the solution adopted by all professional level bicycles for a superior drivability which will allow you to increase the speed also in the proximity of curves.

If you are looking for a bicycle that stands out in the group, the aesthetic of Faster delivers you a unique style, typical of Battaglin brand.


  • 3K DI2 compatible monocoque carbon frame
  • 1”/8 -1”/2 tapered head tube
  • Internal cables
  • PressFit BB
  • Integrated seat clamp
  • Carbon dropouts
  • Compatible for 28” tires

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